Starting now and into the foreseeable future I won’t utilize genuine names, because of my security and classification




I woke up that Tuesday morning, with two objectives, one was to catch up on my credit exchanges (in my past university I was taking computer science so I had gone to proceed with my course in St Paul’s) and to know my day by day schedule(timetable) and to get the scenes of my classes. The first thing I did was to clean up. Later on I went to take my breakfast (By the way, in St Paul’s we utilize a meal card to take our meals. The meal card contains KSH 260 every day .That’s the greatest you can have per day.)After my breakfast I went to the COD’s office where I got the secretary. Suppose her name is Cindy. She is a kind, neighborly and minding woman. I inquired as to whether she may help with the credit exchange process. She gave me a document and furthermore advised different records required to finish the procedure. I also asked her where was I to get the timetable from. She gave me a map to the school and gave me directions on where to get the timetable.

After the meeting with the secretary, I called my father and requested that he may please send me the documents I required by means of email. Later on I backpedaled to my room .I was so discouraged. Hope whatever I write today, you won’t all Judge me nor despise me. When I went back to my room, I simply broke down and began crying .Now prior this is the thing that I didn’t let you know. The connection between my parents and I has been rough. We have all hurt each other and this has caused a fracture in our relationship. We don’t converse with each other any longer, we continue battling a great deal .So the reason behind why I was crying was on the grounds that the choice of moving schools was made out of my assent

This is the thing that really happened was called from school the end of the prior week I went to St Paul’s. My parents artistic revealed to me it was a crisis and I needed to go promptly. I was concerned and I went home .That night my family revealed to me I was moving out of Laikipia University and making a beeline for St Paul’s university.. I was angry because no one consulted me, no one knew how it felt. l  was doing admirably well .I had gotten the bits of my life from the last episode, tragedy and treachery in my life and after all that they wanted me start over again from the scratch .They didn’t comprehend me, it was about their notoriety and what individuals would say in regards to our family. I had no choice in any case they had paid the school fees and if in the event that I declined to go to St Paul’s they had sworn they will repudiate me. The main thing left was to check whether. I could refund back the cash to my parents inside a week and backpedal to Laikipia .Find an approach to pay back my school expenses in Laikipia.



So fast forwarding, I sobbed for quite a while and I decided to text my mom. I tried to beg her to please take me back to Laikipia and I would do everything possible to refund the fee that they paid in St Paul’s .She did not respond back, so I cried myself to sleep .By the way that day I had no classes. So I slept from 11 am to 2 pm .The only people I confided my misery and pain with was my boyfriend and my cousin.

That afternoon, I woke up, nothing much happened. I took my laptop and watched a movie. I was not in the mood for lunch. I watched from around 2 pm to the evening around 7 pm .At that time I was hungry so I decided to go to the cafeteria and buy something to eat .I later on went back to my room and continued watching. If you may know me well, there are three things that comfort my soul: – series and movies, music and writing. I have a diary that I write on and express all my feelings. It might be feelings of joy, hate, love and disappointments.

I   watched till 11 pm. I was quite sleepy, so I decided to change into my pajamas and resign to bed.




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I had originated from a state funded college to a private university.Everything was different to me .I was so alone ,no friends,no comprehension of how to facilitate myself and absence of acknowledgment since I didn’t know how to cope in such a situation.My parents are the ones who decided I needed a change and a conducive environment for learning.

It was on a monday morning ,when we arrived at St Paul’s University at around 10:00 am ..I needed to first present the required documents to the respective offices in order for I to be admitted in the school and to get a residential area in the school. Within two hours was done with the whole procedure and now I needed to assemble every one of my effects from the car and take it to my room.At that time my parents were still in the car ,They helped me to convey my possessions and my mom even took me to my room inorder for her to see the states of the room that I was to dwell in.

I was finally a student of St Paul’s university. I now knew it was time for me to release my parents in order for them to embark the journey back home.

When I said my farewells and I discharged my parents, I backpedaled to my room .I was restless, I didn’t generally know my roommate. Did not know whether she was great or terrible, benevolent or threatening, insane or quiet and self observer or social butterfly. So while I was in my room, I was so bored and I chose to go and remain outside for while under the sun. While I was outside, I met a young woman and her name was Ivy. I went to sit with her and I chose it was the ideal time to make another companion who might demonstrate me around the grounds premises. I moved toward her and the primary thing that left my mouth was “hello, am Eva” she took a glance at me and welcomed me back. I inquired as to whether I could sit close to her, she was sufficiently pleasant to state yes. We had a chat and I even got some information about my roommate. She depicted my roommate .I couldn’t be satisfied with her description, I was as yet restless to meet her. I backpedaled to my room, switched on my laptop and watched a certain series known as once upon a time season 3

After thirty minutes my roommate strolled in, she looked so genuine as though she was in a terrible inclination. I was loaded with nervousness and startled. I chose to accumulate my bravery and say hello to her and acquaint myself with her. She just reacted back with her name. By the way her name was Carol .Due to that short gathering, I had chosen I couldn’t leave with her since we were two unique individuals .She was such a self observer I was an outgoing individual. With the goal that night I chose to go to the neighboring room and asked for the individual living there on the off chance that I may move in her room. She approved of it and helped me to move at long last I was agreeable now had to roommates’ .There names were Ivy and Damaris .They were very amicable individuals we even sat down to talk with them. The time had come to rest and I nodded off. That was the very first day of my journey in St Paul’s University.